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Teacher & Guide

Meet Brooke Lovelace

Brooke Lovelace, HYI 500, intimately knows how body work can help one process trauma and anxiety. After practicing yoga and Pilates regularly as part of her mental health journey, she became a certified yoga instructor (HYI, Holy Yoga) in 2016. In 2017 she became certified in Yogalates (yoga and mat Pilates fusion also through Holy Yoga) and in 2018 received her certification for Trauma-Sensitive yoga locally at Abundant Yoga. Brooke also has practiced and trained thoroughly in Yin Yoga and currently trains others in the practice.  


In fall of 2018 Brooke created Shalem - a Hebrew proper noun meaning Peace City and the prior name of Jerusalem. As an adjective, shalem means, whole, complete, full and peacefulness. Shalem’s goal is to empower yogis notice their bodies and fully integrate mind, heart, soul and strength through worshipping God through yoga. Participants choose whether their practice is spiritually based in Jesus or not. The intent is to weave the Word, the Truth, into participants healing journey and guide them in reconnecting self and Creator.

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